Timber technology – passion with tradition.

More and more frequently our clients want wood made visible also from the outside. The old rustic wooden façades have long since given way to the extremely elegant wood panel façades that perfectly emphasize the flowing lines of the architecture. The warm shades of wood are the counterpoint to the clear, uncomplicated design of the building. We will happily show you a wide variety of suitable woods and glazes.

A functional ground plan can meet special needs like integrating your own small business into your home, but it can also help to make daily routines within the house easier and more efficient. If you think that is trivial, it is not: A perfectly situated larder and an optimal integrated utility room can make life for a homeowner much easier. A spacious dressing room with direct access to bathroom and bedroom can mean a day-to-day luxury. Sauerhaus does not offer standard solutions. We develope a refuge tailored to YOUR needs.