Timber technology – passion with tradition.

A modern interpretation of a classic long barn was inspiration for this spectacular Sauerhaus. It is a solitary unit that shows, even from a distance, the client’s passion for wood with its horizontal wooden facade. Effortlessly, this prime example of modern timber construction harmoniously integrates into the surrounding environment. It stands out but also appears quiet and unobtrusive thanks to the language of the material. The big sliding panels add a particular charm. Closed they offer security and the allure of a solid wooden wall. The minimal roof overhang and the titanium zinc strip lend a modern touch.

It is in the style of Bauhaus architecture, but without its severity and dogmatic straightness. Out of this specification an exciting piece of architecture emerged, a timber construction highly efficient and pioneering in energy terms not immediately apparent. Large window fronts, elegant protrusions and recesses and, at the request of the client, a large and multilevel terrace allowing life to be lived outdoors in the summer months. This again is a modern classic made by Sauerhaus.

What is my favourite spot in our new house?“
Obviously it is the upholstered lounge in the living area. This is where the planners of Sauerhaus anticipated three wishes of ours: ceiling-to-floor windows allowing light to flood into the room; an easy-to-clean, high quality tiled floor with integrated modern floor heating technology; and last but not least an open fireplace that almost makes our special wish, a huge TV monitor, superfluous