Timber technology – passion with tradition.

Wood is the most ecological building material in the world!
Wood makes your living space healthy and cosy. Wood not only radiates comfort, naturalness and warmth, it is also an ideal material combining old, tested values and forward-looking, highly modern technology. Wood construction is climate-friendly, energy-efficient and free of harmful substances. The high ecological standard of our wooden houses is our effective climate-friendly contribution to the long-term improvement of the environment. Moreover, being a renewable resource, more wood grows in Germany than is used in construction. Those who focus on timber construction focus on a good future.

It is not only sustainable, but also economical!
The economic advantages of a wooden building are „heartwarming“. When building with Sauerhaus, you can be budget conscious and still have high-quality. The sophisticated wood frame technology allows very short construction times, the lowest possible maintenance costs, low energy consumption and a long life for the house, without contamination, thereby retaining its value long-term. Our climate-friendly construction also provides cash savings when heating as costs remain low even in times of mounting gas and oil prices. Build with Sauerhaus – for compelling economic reasons.

  • Save on heating costs and protect the climate
  • Improve indoor climate and well-being
  • Highest possible use of regenerative resources and technologies
  • Planning and design according to individual needs of the family
  • Natural and healthy living