Timber technology – passion with tradition.

Functional, well-designed, energy-efficient and designed for sharing the autumn of life together. Bungalows are very popular with older people. Sauerhaus does not offer houses „off the shelf“. Even the classic single storey house construction is one hundred percent tailored to the wishes and demands of the owner. Especially when people build a home a second time, when they remake their lives and when functionality is top priority, there are no standard solutions. Maximum well-being meets maximum energy savings. We will be happy to advise you about YOUR new way of living!

On the outskirts of major cities in Germany, property is rare and often expensive. After paying a lot of money for the land, the construction budget is tight and does not allow for any extra expense. At the same time the house should be high quality, generously structured and appropriately equipped. A contradiction? Not for us. We like to accept the challenge of ensuring high quality living within budget. With a wealth of experience in urban construction, we can plan your dream home with a sense of proportion and a sense of environmental responsibility including future energy management. As a result we guarantee attractive, functional, affordable architecture. A turnkey building ready at a fixed date and at a fixed price that is characteristic of Sauerhaus.